Sex is more than an orgasm

A few things men should know about sex with women. These tips will help you have really full and proper sex, exactly the kind that is sex in the full sense of the word, a real sexual relationship between partners. The opportunity to exchange not only physical pleasure, but also respect, emotions.

•Good hygiene, including your body, is a prerequisite when you have an intimate relationship with a woman. If you take a bath, shave and take care of your good breathing as part of your daily life, she will be happy with you.
• It's not good to be selfish in bed. Try to work for her satisfaction during sex. Her pleasure should be on a par with yours. Sometimes it can be difficult to bring her to orgasm, but it's better not to leave her without it. If you finish faster, you'd better do the second and third rounds later. Many do not quite understand how meaningful it is to think not only about your own pleasure. A significant part of men go to sex as a task to extract an orgasm, and only their own. After the mission is completed, they "leave" and no longer consider it necessary to pay attention to the woman until the next time, because "mission accomplished", but this attitude, of course, is not quite, let's say, reasonable.
•Don't forget about the love game. This is a great advantage for a woman to feel comfortable in the bedroom. Sex begins with a love game long before you get into the bedroom, so start with compliments. Hug her, show her tenderness. Treat her like a lady and you won't regret it..
•While in bed, a woman should have all your attention. So, turn off the TV and the computer that distracts you. Do not pick up the phone, even if it rings. After all, there's nothing more important than what you're doing now, is there?
• When having sex, don't miss every moment. Sex is more than an orgasm and a woman needs a love game and then a hug.
•Stop with unnecessary excuses. Excitement and exhaustion happens to every man.
Apart from giving her all your attention, you should not mention any of your girlfriends when you are in bed. This will cause her a natural reaction of insecurity. If there is nothing to say, just stop to admire her naked body. It is important for her to feel desired and loved.

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