It’s time to dim the lights.

Lighting sets the tone, the atmosphere.  Our Whole House Lighting Systems create environments that bring moments to life.  Push a button or simply speak what you want.

Cooking for the family. A formal dinner. Movie or game night. A late night read. Bright or soft settings.


Intelligent Lighting with an Emphasis on Design

GoQAV centralized lighting solutions drive simplicity, design, and ease-of-use.  Whether you’re using voice command or a Basalte designer-focused Keypad, we have lighting solutions that tie the design of the space together extremely well.

Accenting VS Highlighting

Design-style is an integral part to your home.  Highlight the beautiful artwork throughout or accent the kitchen to set the mood for the right moments.

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Convenience, Energy Savings, & Aesthetics

The best light is natural light and that can be controlled just as easy with GoQAV motorized shades that are custom made to fit the design of your home.  With the Artificial Intelligence behind the scenes, your wish is the command that brings the function to life.  The shades can be timed just as easy so you can start and end each day to the perfect setting.

Outdoor Low-Voltage Lighting

Set timers for your exterior low voltage lighting to provide additional security for your family but also highlight the beautiful landscaping that brings life to the moments you want to remember outdoors.  It would be nice to see in the dark however we’re still working on this superpower in our R&D lab.  Until then, we have GoQAV low-voltage indoor and outdoor lighting systems to accent your home and shine light into all the dark areas so you’re able to see and stay safe at night.

denver custom home audio store