Leisure Luxury

Listen to Music on Purpose.

I’ll never forget my father dubbing cassette tapes and the way music was such a big part of my life as a child. 

Listening on purpose is all about creating special moments that create legacies.  Dancing in the kitchen with my daughter today, I can say that the love for music in our family is now being passed through generations.

At QAV, we focus on the people.  Leave all the tech talk at the door, we are focused on creating experiences that make a difference.

Working with musicians, producers, acoustic engineers, and leading manufacturers around the world, QAV delivers a suite of luxury audio that provide an immersive listening experience in any space, from luxury living rooms to dedicated listening rooms and home theaters.

Whether it’s a playlist curated from your favorite artist, a behind-the-scenes look before they get on stage, or an in-depth conversation about their craft, QAV will bring you closer to the music.

Kick back and relax.

Where is the technology?

Luxury audio lives at the intersection of technology and design.  Pictured here is a beautifully integrated sound tile, where the sound of art is truly realized.  Hidden under the artist’s design is sound that moves you.  

If an image is worth a thousand words, imagine what it’s worth when your favorite musician fills the room with their lyrics from an art canvas to accompany the emotion you feel when admiring the craft of blending audio with the arts.

Spend an afternoon as it was meant to be …

Musicians pour their heart and soul into every track recorded on an album and at QAV, we encourage all of our listeners to spend an afternoon to listen on purpose.  Enjoy the artwork of the album and soak in the melodies and lyrics as you enjoy the artist as it was always meant to be.   Not only do we have the headphone bar for all your ear candy needs but we cater to designated listening rooms where the details in speaker design is extremely thought out allowing you to truly experience the difference.
Luxury Audio listening Center

Extremely Rare, Handcrafted, Designed for Taste

When you visit the QAV Showroom in Centennial, CO you will experience first in class every time.  With extremely rare white ebony finish, the Brodmann VC7’s are a prime example of world-class customization offered here in our Colorado design center showroom.  You seek the best, and we partner with the industry greats to bring your visions and desires to life with the most custom, handcrafted, quality you can find.

Luxury Audio Experience