The Polk Audio Atrium Sat30 Outdoor Loudspeaker looks great and sounds great.  Designed to mimic stylish lighting fixtures while delivering high-performance audio, the innovative Sat30 satellite speakers can be planted in your landscaping, hung from your ceiling or the eaves, or installed anywhere you want to mix great sound with the great outdoors.  Add a Sub10, and build a high performance audio system in places you never expected: your sunroom, breezeway or transitional space; even outside by the pool, on the deck, around the BBQ.  Finally, high performance outdoor speakers that are just your style!

Mount the Satellite On Your Deck Or On The Wall;
drop them from the ceiling with a quick change pendant hanger, or drive them into the ground using the speaker stake,you can angle the speakers for optimum performance

Polk Audio
Atrium Sat30 Outdoor Loudspeaker
MSRP: $149/ea