A 144-inch motorized screen drops over the pool from the same beam as a waterfall.

By Grant Clauser

The custom electronics pros at Forefront Innovation designed and installed a 144-inch projection screen theater system for this backyard.

Forefront implemented a 144-inch motorized screen from Stewart Filmscreen, the company’s Oasis model.

Behind the screen, at the back fence of the yard, the BenQ projector is secured on a stucco pedestal in a climate-controlled Baby Blizzard housing designed to withstand nearly any elements. In the Houston area that means heat, rain and high humidity

Another audio zone supports a summer kitchen area that also includes two Samsung LCD TVs.

Forefront’s Tim Morgan says a metal bar built into the bottom of the screen gives the screen weight, and trees all around the perimeter of the property prevent wind from being a problem. The trees also help a little with the picture. Because they’re so tall, they block a lot of the light from the setting sun so the homeowners can start their swim-up movie a little earlier in the evening.

While floating in the pool (or sitting around in deck chairs) movie watchers listen to Sonance outdoor and landscape speakers, and the entire backyard area including the veranda (where a 55-inch LED provides more viewing), pool and summer kitchen includes four audio zones.