Luxury Motorized Shades | Denver, Colorado

Motorized shading solutions deliver precise, quiet, one-touch control, and we’re told the brushless motors are the quietest in the world!

Our motors are subjected to rigorous testing, so much so that the camera monitoring the testing process failed before the window treatment motor did.  This is one of many reasons why our solution comes with a lifetime warranty because these luxury motorized window treatments last.  The shades are able to integrate seamlessly with your advanced entertainment scenes defined in your smart home environment, climate, and security controls, so you can control everything in your home anytime, anywhere, from elegant touch screens or your favorite smart devices.

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Building a Custom Home | Denver, Colorado

Building a luxury custom home in Denver is an adventure filled with choices that last well beyond the day you move in.  With luxury custom homes, you deserve the opportunity to learn about all the possibilities before making your decisions.  We had a friend who chose a motorized window treatment solution for their home that came with a seven-year warranty.  In year six, the motors started to fail, and to their surprise, the motors were prorated with the warranty so they received 1/6th of the value to spend toward the new motors.

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Motorized Window Treatments

From color matching to choosing the perfect style for your space, we’ve got you covered.  Roman, Roller, Horizontal, and Drapery Systems are all available with our luxury motorized window treatment options.  GoQAV is all about smart planning for the future and we know that building a custom luxury home in Denver becomes costly in a hurry, especially in today’s market so you may even consider running prewire to rooms you may want to motorize in the future and have manual solutions installed for the time being.  This decision alone can save you thousands of dollars when it’s time to upgrade.

The process of converting the manual shades to motorized is seamless and easy when the wire is already in place as well.  

Motorized shades add extreme value to the comfort and convenience of your daily life with design-focused solutions.  Imagine the moment you’re officially moved in and ready to celebrate with your friends and family, the invites went out, the day of the party has arrived and with the click of a button, your atmosphere changes as all your window treatments move to your desired position, lights set to a specified level, and music turns on with your favorite entertaining playlist.

Let’s Chat about Motorized Shades for your Denver Home!

Feel free to ring us up today at 7207343120 and we can chat about what you’re looking for.  You’re welcome to book a tour at our award-winning demo space for design-focused smart home solutions in Centennial, Colorado to understand how quiet, seamless, and user-friendly our solutions are.