In its latest ad, LG swaps out an office window with its 84-inch Ultra HD TV and pranks job applicants by showing a fake meteor strike destroying the city.

By Jason Knott
Just how good is the imaging from the LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV? Good enough to fool a handful of job applicants to believe there has been a giant meteor strike!
In its latest ad, LG sets up one of its new Ultra HD TVs to look like an office window and then rolls through a handful of job applicants who react in terror when there is a simulated meteor strike on the screen. The two-minute video, which now has more than 7.4 million views on YouTube, was shot in a Spanish-speaking country, but the message is the same in any language.
Integrators should be anxious to bring these types of “striking images” (pun intended) from Ultra HD to their customers.