By Robert Archer
The DLA-RS56 like other JVC projectors carries Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certification and it is currently under going THX 3D certification.
jvc_dla-rs56JVC Professional is one of the most popular and most aggressive manufacturers in the entire projector category.  JVC Professional announced its new line of projectors which features five new products, including the DLA-RS56 which falls in just below the flagship DLA-RS66 projector.   The DLA-RS56 features an updated version of the company’s e-shift technology which upscales 2K video content to 4K resolutions, and in addition to its Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certification, the projector, along with the other models is pending THX 3D certification.
JVC has also addressed the product line’s 3D video capabilities by adding RF-based active-shutter technologies and also includes new circuitry design featuring optical engines that eliminate 3D crosstalk.