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Tyson Rabani, owner of the award-winning smart-home showroom, Quality Audio Video, located in Centennial, Colorado, chats with AudioQuest’s Ambassador for Aspirational Audio, Isaac Markowitz, about the goals inherent to all AQ products and the technology that ties together all the automation in a smart home.

You’re always invited to come check out the showroom, have some fun, check out some ear candy, and get all your home automation questions answered.00:20 – Introductions

00:39 – You’ve got power products, you’ve got video products with HDMI cables, audio products including speaker cables, What ties it all together?

00:55 AudioQuest counteracts the predominant cause of noise and distortion today that new noise, which is largely RF …..

1:54 Patented Niagara Products or speaker cables or power cables, it’s some of our noise dissipation techniques from using carbon loaded material in Carbon HDMI Vodka HDMI …

2:26 In a modern home or commercial facility that is jam packed with wireless frequencies of all spectrums, it’s interesting to think about AudioQuest as a company or cables themselves right, because as you know, products that are designed to reject that emission and do no harm.

3:07 What does jam packed really mean? FCC limits …

4:16 Niagara is referring to the power products and the power series.

4:22 Senior Director of Engineering Garth Powell and his storied history … with products found at Red Rocks and Toyota Center …

5:30 2 years in the making for Niagara

6:26 Recap of smart home and commercial settings and what ties everything together.