Why limit video sharing to the DVR when you can have all of your DVR content and more at every TV location in the house except without the expensive monthly fees from the cable and satellite providers?


All the rage among service providers now are the centrally located DVR packages with the “secondary” receivers to access the recorded content.  Sounds like a great solution to the average home with multiple TV locations. That said, these service providers are not giving this technology away for anything remotely close to free (this will not surprise anyone that has dealt with a service provider in the past), but these services can cost upwards of $50 additional per month depending on how many TVs are in the system.
In addition to the costs of the service this only allows for the sharing of just TV service.  What about Roku, Apple TV, Blu-Ray DVD players, gaming systems, PC content, etc.? Should you now be planning on each TV location having one or more of these devices to access that content?  The easy answer and the one you would hear from the service provider is, “yup, not our problem” as they have provided a (very profitable) solution to their problem but are not very concerned with your problems.
What cable and satellite providers do not want you to know is you don’t need to install multiple satellite dishes or cable boxes in order to watch high-quality video in several locations in your home.  HD matrix video distribution will provide all of your display devices the ability to output those signals to all of your HD monitors.
While matrix video systems are not new, they have become far more affordable over the past two years, so much so that if your system is a large one it could pay for itself in under two years of fees paid to the cable company (for which you actually receive nothing).