BG Radia and THX have teamed-up together to create the all-wonderful BGX-4850.  The new subwoofer system challenges all tradition design methods, while at the same time overcomes many of the acoustic problems with getting good bass in a room and producing deep, extended and well-distributed bass that sounds tight and solid with music and movie sources alike.
Perhaps what’s more impressive is they did it with just 4-inch drivers.  Ok, forty-eight of the little giants to be exact.

There are a number of reasons why trying to get good bass is on of the most difficult challenges when designing a home theater or media room system.  For instance, the low bass frequencies love to rattle everything in their path – walls, floors, windows and everything in between.  This means each on of those objects are going to vibrate at a particular frequency, thus emitting their owns sound, therefore coloring the sound of the original bass note.  Even worse, uneven peaks and dips in bass response are cause by room nodes, or areas in the room where sound waves are colliding to amplify (peaks) or attenuate (dips) the bass at certain frequencies.
For starters you can take great care in subwoofer placement as one solution.  Or, you may add acoustical treatments to the walls, ceilings and/or floors as needed.  Traditionally this was deemed unacceptable, however in most recent years acoustical treatment manufacturers have wizened up and began making decor-friendly panels.  However, this may still be far from the ideal solution.  So, there is another option…
Install 48 Subwoofers in Your Wall
The BGX-4850 is designed as an in-wall subwoofer system (an in-room option is in the works).  The system consists of four SM-1250 subwoofer modules and an outboard amplifier, the BGA-2104, to power the modules.  Each sub module has 12 4-inch drivers arranged in pairs that result in totally vibration-free performance, which is critical for in-wall installations. Each woofer is isolated in its own chamber.  BG Radia and THX claim that the 48 4-inch woofers have the equivalent surface area of two 18-inch woofers.  Based on my listening tests at CEDIA Expo 2009, I can’t dispute their claim.
The woofers are arranged in pairs that face each other and thus cancel vibrations caused by the motion of the woofers.  Vibrations are almost undetectable even when touching the metal frame that houses each bass module.  Vibration-free performance is critical for room isolation and to prevent wall rattles.
The modules can be installed in existing walls or in new construction and are sized to fit in 3 .75-inch deep standard residential walls, with 16–inch, on-center stud spacing.  BG Radia offers a 15–inch-wide grille for retrofit installations and a 7–inch-wide grille for new construction. Each grille is available in black or white and can be painted to match almost any room décor.

The BGA-2104 is an ICE-powered digital amp with 2 x 1100 watts and DSP equalization.  There are also several custom installation features, including an RS-232 port for home automation control, balanced-line XLR and unbalanced-line RCA inputs, 3.5-millimeter IR inputs and a +12V trigger function.

The BGX-4850 is already one of my top picks for the year.  At $6,995 the BGX-4850 may not be for everyone.  Not to worry, BG Radia also offers the BGX-2450 with two sub modules and the BGA-2104 amplifier for $3,995.
The BGX subwoofer system is a winner in our book and you’ll be richly rewarded with smooth, deep, evenly distributed bass.
So, what happens when you put 48 subwoofers in the wall?  Extreme bass satisfaction!
BGX-4850: $9,995
BGX-2450: $4,995
Subwoofer Modules

Woofers: Twelve, 4-inch, long throw drivers per subwoofer module (48 total)
Enclosures: Twelve high-strength thermoset composite enclosures
Module dimensions (W x H x D): 14.5″ x 26.75″ x 3.5″
New construction grille dimensions (W x H): 7″ x 28″ (New construction brackets included)
Retrofit grille dimensions (W x H): 15″ x 29.5″
Weight: 30 lbs. per module
BGA-2104 Power Amplifier/DSP Equalizer Controller

Power: 1100 watts/per channel
Crossover frequencies: 50, 60, 80, 100 Hz, bypass
Audio inputs: balanced-line XLR and unbalanced line RCA
Control inputs: Rotary encoder on front panel, IR remote, IR direct, RS-232, power trigger, mode trigger
Dimensions (W x H x D): 17″ x 3.5″ x 13.75″ (rack mount ears included)
Weight: 20 lbs.
Want to inquire about this product?  Contact us, Quality Audio Video is your local BG Radia expert.