Be the First in Line, Every Time.
It’s time to redefine movie night by watching just-released Hollywood films from the comfort of your home.  Imagine hosting a red carpet premiere in your custom home theater for a cinematic experience unlike any other.  Traditionally, only select entertainment insiders were able to screen a theatrically-released film in their home. Now, thanks to PRIMA Cinema, you can too.
PRIMA Cinema allows you to invite family and friends to enjoy the ultimate Hollywood experience as you Redefine Movie Night.  Whether it’s an alien world in 3D, a mad chase through the streets of Paris or a steamy romance, PRIMA Cinema is your ticket to be First in Line, Every Time™ in your own private theater.
Experience True Theatrical Quality
Designed in California and built in the USA, the PRIMA Cinema system is comprised of a rack-mountable PRIMA Cinema Player and the PRIMA Biometric Reader. Films are automatically delivered to the PRIMA Cinema Player over the Internet. The Player outputs audio / video over HDMI to the home theater’s display and audio system.
Composed of proprietary technology – PRIMA Cinema has built-in support for 3D features along with better clarity and deeper colors than current Blu-ray Players. PRIMA Cinema provides the best audio experience possible with lossless PCM or Dolby TrueHD audio format support. With biometric security protection for renting theatrical releases, truly, the films are now at your fingertips.
Contact Quality Audio Video in Denver today to learn how you can bring home Hollywood blockbuster hits with the PRIMA Cinema experience.