New audio features: Crossfading and S5 Stereo Pairing

  • Crossfading: Create smooth transitions between songs just like the DJs do. With crossfading turned on, the volume at the end of the first song fades out as the volume of the next song fades in. You can select the crossfading playback mode from the Now Playing screen for any tracks in your music library, plus select music services including, Napster, Pandora, and Rhapsody.
  • S5 Stereo Pair setting: Perfect for parties or really large rooms, this setting allows you to group two S5s in the same room so one S5 serves as the left channel and the other as the right channel.

More free music: iheartradio from Clear Channel
Tune in to more than 750 of America’s favorite radio stations, including:

  • Exclusive digital stations like Christina Aguilera Radio, CBGB Radio, Radio Weezer, AT40 with Ryan Seacrest, and more.
  • Top talk stations from Rush Limbaugh to Dr. Laura
  • Traffic reports from 12 major metro areas

2 more languages: Japanese and Simplified Chinese
Now you can control Sonos in 9 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Swedish.
New alarm settings
Customize alarms for different days of the week.