Stereo Sound​’s annual Grand Prix Award has been recognized to be ​the most prestigious award for high-end audio products in Japan. The award committee is comprised of several leading audio reviewers that judge both a product’s technological ability and overall design. We are honored to receive this award for our C1100 two-channel vacuum tube preamplifier that “delivers a rich and accurate body of sound.” It serves as a testament to McIntosh’s longstanding engineering principles and adds to our list of previous Grand Prix awards, including for the MC601 and MC501 amplifiers along with the MA7000 and MA2275 integrated amplifiers.


Extremely Low Distortion

Hi-Fi News reviewed and tested the C1100. Their lab report finds its “distortion is very low indeed at just 0.00009 – 0.0005%” at 1V output for the 20Hz-20kHz frequency range. They also note that while some tube preamps can alter a recording’s sound to where it can be practically unrecognizable, “the C1100 remains one of the more neutral of such designs” they’ve heard. “It manages to reproduce large amounts of detail and unlock complex recordings when called upon so to do.”
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