Your audio system was not designed for your room. It does not know your room’s size, where the walls and furniture are and which materials are absorbing and reflecting sound.  One of the tools in our sound calibration arsenal is the Audyssey MultEQ system.  Audyssey equipment helps our team to measure and remove the distortion caused by room acoustics, delivering the best possible sound for everyone in your listening room.
Every seat is now the best seat in the house
Until now, world class sound was limited to the best theaters.  Now, with QAV sound calibration services you can hear accurate, enveloping, and distortion-free sound everywhere in your listening room.  At the heart of our system is a patented method for measuring an audio system in multiple positions throughout a home theater, a movie theater, a recording studio, or a car.  Capturing information in the time domain and combining that information in a patented new way enables us to evaluate not only the frequency response, but reflections in the audio path that effect time of arrival and cause distortion.
With this information, we can equalize an audio system resulting in improved soundstage, accurate tonal balance, deeper and more defined bass, and overall improved imaging.  Your audio systems can now reach their true potential because the problems caused by acoustical distortion from the room, speaker placement, and the enclosure are removed.