Denver smart light switch vs keypad…. How about Designer Keypads by Basalte?!  The place you find them is in Centennial, Colorado at the GOQAV showroom

These keypads control much more than the lights!

It’s easy to get hung up in the technology but as we always mention, it should always be about the people you’re experiencing the technology with that matters most.  Be sure to follow, like, subscribe, comment … all that good stuff over here at @GOQAV!The Keypads are multi-touch, simple yet innovative, discrete, and are produced in a variety of finish options to appease any tasteful design.

Control your lighting, shades, audio, HVAC, and other home automation functions with these design keypads by Basalte. If you’re in the middle of a design project, please reach out to us and visit our showroom in Centennial, Colorado for a hands on experience and demo.00:22 – Today, I have a question for you: Rather you’re a home owner, or a business owner, part of the design build community, architect, interior designer and so on… Why is this continued to be the standard that’s chosen?

00:51 – Attention to design.  Denver Smart Light Switch vs Keypad

1:18 – These standard switches are found in many of the homes we are working in.

1:45 – Solutions as simple, beautiful and elegant as this Basalte Keypad that controls the shades, audio, video, music and other home automation features all from a single keypad with beautiful engravings.

2:10 – Building awareness and an invitation to our showroom to see for yourself.

2:20 – Many options including copper, leather, glass, and hand forged with beautiful texture.

2:45 – Lighting Controls, Smart Controls, and Centralized Lighting

2:54 – Forged Series by Basalte with a great weight to it.

3:10 – Brushed Aluminum – simple, sleek, and elegant.

3:23 – Copper Options to integrate with all the other copper elements throughout the home design.

4:00 – Leather with a nice tactile feel to it.

4:14 – Capacitive Touch Demo & HVAC options.

If you’re asking yourself, “Denver Smart Light Switch vs Keypad” then we invite you to our showroom to find out why these keypads from Basalte are a must!  We have all your home automation needs and provide inspiration for your big home design project!