Televisions have come along way and it’s easy to get lost while searching for the best smart tv solution for your living space in Denver!

What is the best smart TV of 2020?

It’s easy to get hung up in the technology but as we always mention, it should always be about the people you’re experiencing the technology with that matters most.  Smart TVs and other tech to make the top of the top is debatable but we’ve put this video together to walk you through what we feel is the best for 2020 so far!  Be sure to follow, like, subscribe, comment … all that good stuff over here at @GOQAV!This is Tyson from the quality audio video showroom in Centennial, Colorado. We’re gonna be talking about some TVs today. So I’m going to hop on the AV forums website.

I was just kind of just cruising through here just to see what kind of questions you guys have. Um, you know, it’s interesting to me basically one of the most discussed topics is which is the best TV for you.

There’s not a one size fits all here –

I’m just gonna share with you what is our personal favorite and what we see ordered the most here at QAV.  I’d love to hear your feedback though as there are so many favorites to chose from!

So I’ve got a really cool chart opened up here. This is for Sony TVs in particular, I may have to do some additional videos with you guys on some other brands. But today I’m going to work with Sony.

These guys have a great story, from lens to the living room, they filmed the movies, they edited them up at Sony studios and then they build the displays for your home and commercial spaces.One thing I’ll point out here is that the Z9 series is their master series of displays.  This is the best that Sony knows how to make pretty much any price point for home in residential use until you get into, you know, the commercial world.

I want to point out is the processor that’s being used in this TV is the X one extreme. It is absolutely amazing. It is a big reason as to why this TV has such an amazing picture quality but it’s only offered in 85 and 98 inch.

With all the options out there, even within the Sony brand, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and underwater with choices!  That’s why we want to invite you to our smart home showroom in Centennial, Colorado to start a conversation so we can make the process super easy and pain free for you without the high pressure environment of a typical showroom.Check this out though!  The X950G and the reason I really liked this series is because it uses the same chip. So I kind of call this the poor man’s master series a is by far one of our most popular models that we recommend. But notice here too, you can also get 55, 65, and 75 inch varieties as it’s an extreme value.  Simply put, this display is amazing!

I’d love to hear what you thought about this video and what you’d like to see in any future video series that we’re going to be sharing with you. And if you’re in the Denver area, be sure to stop by the best showroom in the world. We’ll see you next time. Thanks