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Golf simulators are a great way to ramp up the family entertainment as well as add hours of practice to help step up your game.  We’ve installed many versions of sims from Full Swing to TruGolf and over the years we are starting to see a trend. 

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The majority of our clients, with the exception of a PGA Athlete, strive to improve their skills but also would love to entertain friends, family, and the grandkids when they come to play!  There are few golf sims on the market that provide a fun multisport in conjunction with the golf features but what we’ve found with TruGolf has been outstanding.  Our client said his grandkids played for hours!  Whether it was soccer, zombie dodgeball, or even disc golf, the entertainment lived long into the evening and weekend fun.


TruGolf Simulators

You may be interested in learning more about the technology behind the system or even what the price might be to bring one to life in your custom Denver home.

Pricing typically varies from $39k – $70k and other logistics like theater combo options, upgraded sound options, and 4k upgrades may affect this scale.   Let’s start with understanding your project and the experience you wish to bring to life in your home!

Is my space big enough??

For the basic kit:

  • MEASUREMENT | 14’2″W x 19’D x 9’8″H
  • RECOMMENDED SPACE | 14’6″W x 20’D x 10’H

For the pro kit:

  • MEASUREMENT | 15’W x 20’D x 9’8″H
  • RECOMMENDED SPACE | 15’6″W x 24’D x 10’H

Let’s Chat!

Feel free to ring us up today at 7207343120 and we can chat about what you’re looking for exactly as we have experience with many options and can help explain the benefits of each.