Denver Colorado Custom Builder Budget Discovery

Budget for a Colorado Luxury Home

Even in the luxury arena where our average price points are, you know, two to 4 million homes. Um, we still have the same budget sensitivity, oftentimes that we would with, uh, a project much, much lower. Um, so we do have those same conversations.

He’s exactly right. We prioritize with the customer. What’s most important. We’re gonna take that estimate, listen, and go line item by line item. And if we don’t have much contingency there in budget, um, we just get realistic and talk market facts, right?

In this kind of inflationary economy where we see cost increases almost on a weekly basis as a builder, we do have to get really judicious about around budget. Um, how we design and build is with budget first and foremost, that’s where we start the processes where we start the conversation. It’s not, um, an accident to end up on budget at the end of a project.

It’s like GPS, right? We plug it in that’s our roadmap. We have our process with milestones all the way to make sure we get there. And so those are the conversations that we sometimes have to have.


If, if the budget can’t accommodate this here and now maybe we need about some future phases. QAV is a wonderful segue to that talking point many times. Um, there, of course our, our, our go-to trusted partner for all things, low V and automation. We love QAV. And when we bring customers here to talk through that process, oftentimes they’re here to discover things they didn’t even know existed on the cutting edge of technology, like the newest, latest, and greatest, and home automation, Lavi, all these cool things that they feature here in this award-winning showroom.


But with, with that, with us, with that said, when we bring customers here and suddenly they see all the bells and whistles and they actually know of what’s possible, what could be, um, they get big eyes, it gets emotional. We get a really long wishlist. And then we talk about budget.

And if it’s not in line to have everything we want, then, and there it’s much smarter for us to phase it in and rough in that low V because we can come back in a year or two, or whenever is comfortable and start to bring in more, more of those toys and bells and whistles.  On the operation side, when we plan and rough in some, some Lovie, fun and toys from the design build stage, it’s gonna be a fraction, maybe a 10th of what it’s going to cost on the other, their end, when Delroy folks come up and say, oh, we moved from California and here’s this ugly seven gang. And here’s this, this, this, and that. And we wanna upgrade.

You’re tearing out drywall, paint, all of these things, and it’s considerably more as opposed to if we just phase it in yeah. Smart plan from the beginning. And then it saves everybody a lot more time in hassle.