Can you tell the difference between the two sets of controls below?

How about now?

If you picked out the fact that the right-hand section of the wall consists of unusually exciting designer friendly flush wall receptacles and touch panel controllers, then you’ve witnessed a revolutionary new product that takes interior design to a whole new level.  Gone are the days of obtrusive wall clutter such as light switches, electrical outlets, thermostats, in-wall speaker volume controls, keypads and touch panels.  Today, I’m proud to introduce to you a new line from Quality Audio Video that’s going to change the way you design your new home.  Now, all of these objects and many more just like them, can be neatly installed in your home for a perfect flush fit every time.  The result is an ultra cool and ultra custom fresh new look!

TRUFIG’s revolutionary flush-mounting solutions are designed for aesthetic-conscious architects, designers, and property owners in the residential and commercial markets.  The uncompromising refinement TRUFIG provides has made TRUFIG a favorite in the professional Architecture, Design, and Construction communities.
TRUFIG’s philosophy relies on the principles of material authenticity, perfection in the smallest detail, and a systematic approach to design.  From the selection of the materials, to the precise craftsmanship of each individual element, to the consistency of color and texture, everything we do revolves around an understanding of architecture, detail, and precision.

Below is an example of an electrical outlet being installed using Trufig technology into a marble slab back-splash.