With FlipTops installed in your conference table or lectern you’re ready to connect any device that might enter the room. Choose from popular AV and communication connector plates, including HDMI®, RJ45, DisplayPort, USB, and analog audio and video. Equip your FlipTops with AC power outlets to charge laptops and other personal devices on the spot. Choose from a dual US power outlet or a variety of international power outlets for global applications.


Choose either pass-thru plates with grommeted holes to accommodate today’s popular cables, or with Crestron cable retractors access any cable and extend it up to 3′. Cables automatically lock in place at the desired length. Adjustable retraction speeds and easy-release levers allow cables to smoothly return into the compartment. FlipTops are available with HDMI, VGA, audio, USB and CAT5e cables


Watch your boardroom productivity soar with simple fingertip control of AV, lights, shades, and climate. FlipTops are available with an integrated 5-inch TSW touch screen with capacitive display and include on-board Rava™ SIP technology. For an all-in-one solution, opt for the FlipTop Touch Screen Control System(FT-TSC600) with an integrated 3-Series® control processor built right into the touch screen. Place one at the head of the table to give the meeting leader complete room and AV control. To provide convenient connectivity to all meeting attendees, install a basic FlipTop at every seat.crestron_FT-TS600_landing_inset03


Custom your boardroom solution

Your custom FlipTops are waiting. Contact QAV to build your customized FlipTop configuration. Specify your connectors, power outlets, and the finish. That’s it!