Powerful and Portable Multi Room Control and Automation…

This revolutionary device focuses on intuitive access to information and control.  Savant’s iPad™ interface provides a user experience that’s seamless with the iPad™ experience. The look and feel merges perfectly with the screen resolution and ergonomics of this magical device.

Savant iPad™ specific features include immersive control with user-defined backgrounds and categories, integration and interaction with iTunes® multimedia content, security cameras, and many more devices and services in this entertainment and control ecosystem.
The multi-touch Apple® iPad™ allows users to take advantage of the iPad’s vast native features, as well as operating as a full-fledged touch panel within the Savant Systems automation environment.  The iPad™ runs both wirelessly and as an in-wall or desktop device thanks to proprietary in-wall and tabletop docks, which also serve to charge the iPad’s internal battery.

Category and Services Docks – These two docks are arranged for intuitive, easy access to all iPad™ orientations (portrait or landscape). The Category Dock provides quick access to subsets of system functions, such as video, audio, settings and so on. The Services Dock is used to control specific service functions, such as lighting, climate and security. The Services Dock also provides easy access to house-wide states, such as active audio and video (AV) sources, current temperature and so on.
Navigation Bar – Used to quickly navigate between rooms, services and subsystems. For instance, the Navigation Bar is used to readily navigate between rooms, for one-touch access to multi-zone control features, or even to power off the current room or the entire house or facility. The Navigation Bar also provides simple navigation back to the active AV service.
Active Content – The center of the iPad™ UI shows the controls and content for the active service, or the service being currently controlled. You can easily swipe between multiple pages to access additional features.
Easy User Customization – The Savant iPad™ App provides easy, entertaining and immersive user customizations. For instance, User-Changeable Backgrounds and User-Defined Categories are two exciting features that you will enjoy while creating your own personal Savant iPad™ UI experience. A Changeable Background can be any image in the iPad’s photos application, which is selected, positioned and set as your Savant iPad™ UI background.

Savant continues to embrace touch-based technologies in our diverse family of user interfaces from the ROSIE Touch TV to the ROSIE Surface, and are excited to launch our new Automation and Control App specifically designed and optimized for the iPad™.