Meet Our Super Star Management Team

We are a world class team of dedicated professionals

Tyson Rabani
Founder and CEO
When Tyson founded Quality Audio Video (QAV) in 2006, he combined his two passions, engineering and computer systems, to form the Denver, Colorado-based company. “I’ve always had a passion for electronics.  I remember taking apart my dad’s speakers when I was just 11 years old.  Having an entrepreneurial spirit is also something that’s been with me since an early age.  I started my first company in College.  But it wasn’t until I founded QAV that my passion for electronics and business were aligned.” Tyson has grown QAV from a home office to a 7-figure company.  His primary roles include operations, quality control, and customer satisfaction.  Tyson graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Favorite Film:  Scarface Favorite Series:  Breaking Bad (followed closely by Homeland and Entourage) Audiophile or Videophile?  "Videophile.  Done correctly, there's nothing like the ultimate cinematic experience."

Daniel Lowitz
Project Manager / Sales Engineer
Dan started his custom electronics career in 1994 working with high-end home stereo (strictly 2-channel) and complex automotive audio/security systems. The major transition to home theatre, multi-room audio and custom installation came a couple years later. “I feel very lucky to have gotten in on the ground floor of such an amazing and exciting industry” Dan shares, “ I truly believe the automation and integration of home systems combined with distributed audio and video services will become the standard for all homes, the benefits are too great to be ignored.” He has managed electronic systems that reach $1.8 million and homes as large as 45,000 sq. ft. Dan is an avid snowboarder, runner and hiker; the outdoor lifestyle and sunshine is what brought him to Colorado. He is also a graduate of the Art Institute of New York City with a degree in Culinary Arts. “After almost 20 years of working with clients to create the seamless integration and automation of their homes at many different levels, it is my hope that the experience and knowledge I have been able to acquire over the course of my involvement in this complex and ever evolving industry will translate into many successful relationships.” Favorite Film:  Apocalypse Now Favorite Series:  Breaking Bad Audiophile or Videophile?  "Audiophile first. My music tastes range from Brahms to Prince to Florence and The Machine to Metallica but my favorite over all is Pink Floyd. "