Colorado is all about the outdoor lifestyle and although the pandemic is still in full swing at the time of this writing we couldn’t be more excited and love encouraging our friends and family to get outside.

Now if you’re anything life us, we enjoy music all the time, whether we’re camping, hiking, exploring, or simply sitting on the patio enjoying a nice Colorado beer.  Music is either in our ears or filling the atmosphere around us for others to hear as well.

Music while you’re inside prepping for your guests?  Yes, please.  

Music while you’re outside in the backyard playing Kubb, if you don’t know what Kubb is, you’re missing out greatly, but yes, music there too.

Music at the end of the day when a bath time soak is needed to unwind, yep, there too.

We love allowing our guests to plug in their favorite artists or playlists as well because music can set the mood or sometimes it can ruin the mood but we think it can be agreed that music affects the atmosphere and the way we feel.  If you’re really into audio, check out our luxury audio page and dive into the topic around listening on purpose.

QAV – Quality Audio Video specializes in home automation and helps residential and commercial entities integrate audio and video into all aspects of their spaces.  

Now most people we encounter may have a bluetooth speaker of some kind they enjoy carting around with them and when it comes time to perform, oops, the battery is dead or they are limited by volume in different areas of the house or their backyard.

If the pandemic has taught us all one thing, it could be that spending time with those closest to you matters most, and so we have found that turning the backyard into the best staycation possible has been so rewarding.  

We believe music should be everywhere and if you really want to bring the Colorado Spring Lifestyle to your backyard, what’s better than watching a baseball game outside on the patio with some peanuts and beer!!?

QAV can take you to any sporting event, year-round, from the comfort of your home, inside or outside.  You’re always welcome to visit the world known, award winning showroom in Centennial to see what moves you.  Tours are by appointment only and book out 2-3 weeks in advance so we strongly encourage you reserve your spot today.