The newly introduced Bryston line of loudspeakers utilizes drivers, crossover networks and enclosures designed by the company, and during the design process the speakers were subject to more than 200 anechoic measurements to ensure their accuracy.

By Robert Archer, April 03, 2013

The Canadian audio manufacturer Bryston is one of the most respected brands in both the consumer and professional markets and over the past several years the company has been broadening its scope of products. First it was the introduction of its CD player. Not too long after that Bryston followed up the CD player with its DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and digital music player products.Now with its latest product release the company can now offer dealers a full end-to-end solution that includes amplification, source components and loudspeakers. Bryston’s new line of loudspeakers features a choice of eight models, and the company has designed the product line so that installers can address traditional two-channel systems, as well as multichannel systems with passive and active solutions.

  • Model T (MSRP is $6,495 per pair)
  • Model T Signature (MSRP is $7,495)
  • Model T Active (MSRP is $9,495 per pair. This requires six channels of amplification that is not included)
  • Middle T (MSRP is $4,600 available in May)
  • Mini T (MSRP is $2,695)
  • TC1 Center (MSRP is $3,200)
  • TC1 Mini Center (MSRP is $2,200 available in May)
  • T Sub (MSRP is $4,195)
  • T IW in-wall speaker (MSRP is $560 available in Q3 of 2013)
  • T OW on-wall (MSRP is $560 each available in Q3 of 2013)


Bryston says the speakers were developed with a goal of being able to reproduce real-world dynamics with minimum distortion and compression. The Canadian company adds that it spent countless hours engineering the products by running numerous driver design tests; enclosure vibration analysis, crossover refinements, blind listening tests and over 200 separate anechoic measurement tests to ensure the products’ accuracy. “I think we met with a degree of skepticism when we first announced the speaker product; and rightly so. There are a lot of speaker companies already in the marketplace,” admits James Tanner, vice president of sales and marketing, Bryston, LTD.
“We set out to create an affordable reference quality loudspeaker ans went to great lengths to achieve an end result that separates us from the competition. We are confident that these products will be quite well received.”
Taking a closer look at couple of the products, the three-way Model T is nearly 53 inches tall and it is available in a choice of three formats: standard with an internal passive crossover network; the Signature model with an external passive network that includes custom-made components such as air-core chokes and Bryston’s proprietary film capacitors. The flagship version of the Model T is an active product that comes with a Bryston 24-bit digital electronic crossover to support tri-amplification of the speaker. All three speakers feature three 8-inch woofers, two 5.25-inch midrange drivers and two 1-inch titanium dome tweeters.
Bryston adds the Middle T is a three-way floorstanding speaker with two bass divers, a midrange driver and tweeter. The Mini T is a smaller version of the Middle T and it uses a single woofer, as well as a three-way configuration. The T Sub incorporates three 8-inch woofers and an internal 600-watt amplifier. The T IW in-wall and the T OW on-wall speaker are three-way products with sealed enclosures.
All of the speakers are available in a choice of black ash, natural cherry and Boston cherry, and Bryston notes that it offers other hardwood veneer and high-gloss finish options for an optional additional fee.