One thing that I like to point out is where the value lies in the lineup when discussing audioquest cables in denver.

I found some really interesting topics on the AV forums website today. I see a lot of questions about HDMI cables. Is there such a thing as premium? Do they make a difference? Is it just bits, zeros and ones? Without going into too much detail, I’m going to actually share with you by using AudioQuest as the example for today only because they are so readily available pretty much anywhere you go and they are one of the absolute leaders.

Without any bias, Audioquest is a manufacturer with a tremendous amount of engineering and heritage. So let’s just look at their cable lineup and I’m going to summarize here in their line one of the reasons that the cables make such a big difference. 

DIAMOND VS CARBON | Audioquest Cables in Denver at QAV

Diamond is the pinnacle of engineering for AudioQuest processor cable lineup. You’re getting perfect surface copper, but you’re also getting a carbon-based three-layer noise dissipation system and I’m going to give you an exercise here in a second for you to prove to yourself how that makes a difference visually.  So what’s interesting though is the technology that exists from Carbon on up in their line.Carbon shares a lot of the same key technology features that you get in a diamond cable for considerably less money in a fraction of the cost. But what I want to do is just have you kind of prove it to yourself.  So you can just take a very basic inexpensive cable connected to your display. Watch a scene that you’re going to be comfortable with testing if it takes three, five times whatever it takes that’s fine.Then change nothing else and just swap to a carbon or higher on up AudioQuest cable or equivalent and then run through that same scene three four five times and what you’ll see is tremendous amount of improvement in detail quality and clarity and try to use a 4K source or 4K HDR source something that’s going to give you a noticeable amount of video quality.We are really just scratching the surface here and will be publishing more content on the topic in the near future but until then we invite you down to the award winning showroom in Centennial, Colorado where you can experience all the latest home technology trends, products, and gear!  HDMI cables do make a difference in terms of the performance and quality that you’re going to experience in your system, come see for yourself and experience the difference.  You can always find more direct info at as well or watch more videos where we chat with Isaac Markowitz on everything from cables to listening on purpose!

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