THX has been synonymous with great movie sound for decades. Now, THX sets the bar for picture quality for the world’s top TV manufacturers, including Panasonic and LG.  Here are five reasons the next video display you should purchase needs to be a THX Certified Display.
1. 200 Tests, 400 Data Points
The THX certification process is like boot camp for HDTVs and projectors.  It covers 30 test categories, 200 bench tests and more than 400 data points.  THX video engineers analyze almost every aspect of a TV’s performance, from contrast and color to de-interlacing, jaggies and scaling. Testing is rigid, precise and only the best TVs make the cut.
2. Accurate Color
The very foundation of THX display certification is recreating the filmmaker’s vision in your home.  THX testing and certification closely reproduces the HD Color Standard (Rec.709) used by filmmakers for Blu-ray Disc mastering.  The result? Rich color and detail practically puts you in the director’s chair.
3. Sharp Pictures And Clean Video Processing
Jaggy lines and image blurring can occur as motion becomes too intense when watching action movies.  THX improves each TV’s software to minimize these types of digital artifacts—presenting clean, vibrant pictures in every frame.
4. THX Movie Mode
THX Movie Mode offers the closest thing to a pre-calibrated setting out of the box.  This reproduces the Rec.709 color gamut, luminance levels and other settings used by filmmakers in the mastering studio—with the push of a button.  And, if you want further fine tuning, all THX Modes can be accessed by Quality Audio Video and other THX Certified Professional Calibrators.
5. THX Certification = High Quality
Navigating the “wall of HD drool” at your local electronics retailer isn’t easy.  TVs from a variety of brands often line the walls, all showing stunning visuals.  THX certification offers a straightforward value proposition to simplify your shopping experience…..if it’s THX Certified, it will be good.
This is only a top-level view into the process and testing implementation that every THX-Certified display undergoes  to ensure the highest standard for color accuracy, contrast, de-interlacing, jaggies, scaling, and many more parameters.  CNET editor Bryan Gardiner said it best – “THX mode is a godsend for movie buffs.”
However, one of the biggest factors that can affect video performance is the environment in which it is installed.  For consumers, this typically means your living room or home theater.  To account for the environmental influences, performing an ISF certified calibration on your display is highly recommended.  I will discuss what you need to know before performing such a calibration to your display and the benefits in a future blog posting.